"Dance, gesture and drama are the faces of a prism through which you can see every color of the visible spectrum".



In most of my choreographic works I worked with actors rather than dancers.
The instinct and cultural background of the actor naturally push gesture toward the truth of action and turn action into a real act. 


As I don't like forms, perfect lines and aesthetics in general, for my choreographies I look for honesty in communication through  performers' peculiarities.



Progetto S:

Melancholia - trailer

Sin - trailer

Border - trailer

Undertaker Blues - trailer

Diacronico - trailer

OmbraLuce - excerpt

The Teacher - video danza

Mr Everett - videoclip




Dust - live theatre performance

Dust - site specifc performance


La Domada - trailer

Bassa Continua/Toni sul Po - Il ventennio

Bassa Continua/Toni sul Po - Manicomio

Bassa Continua/Toni sul Po - Cinematografo

Italianopolis - performance @ Manhattan

Italianopolis - special farm performance

60HB - live theatre performance


Le Baccanti - special church performance

Othello Opera Rock - trailer



IMA automation - spot

Mr Everett - videoclip

The harvest - trailer

Crosstitch road - trailer