Dust – choreographer
Italy – New York – Bleiburg (Austria)

Bodies are something we forgot and left aside, but they are still pulsing, alive. They are thoughts or memories coming back to life, trying to escape immobility to transform into air. Everything around is barred and freedom is just an illusion that is, sooner or later, doomed to turn into dust.




Bassa Continua Toni sul Po - choreographer



180 artists. 120 technicians. three artistic paths: madhouse, city, river. Three cities involved: Reggio Emilia, Gualtieri, Guastalla. A great tribute to Antonio Ligabue, one of the most controversial artists in Italy's art history; a unique and irreplicable event.




La Domada – director

Italy - Madrid (Spain) - Bilbao (Spain) - Sineu (Spain)

After the “The Taming of the Shrew”, La Domada represents an interpretative turnaround of William Shakespeare's play, meant to face gender violence; it portraits its cruel and unjustified side and draws the frame that proposes a personal point of view. Dramaturgy, gesture and dance cross and face one each others in a common ground, where different languages find a synthesis and increase their communication power, by putting together choreographic expression and original musical score. Italy-Spain International Choreographic Project; produced by Compagnia della Quarta (Italy) & Harrobia/Eskena (Bilbao) in collaboration with Fernando Lázaro, Danza 180° (Madrid). Sustained by Casa delle Donne against violence, Region of Emilia Romagna, Economy and Production  Department of Municipality of Bologna, Banca di Imola Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna, with patronage of Municipality of Bologna.




Progetto Ghetto (Cantieri Meticci) - choreographer

Italy - Paris - Berlino - Antwerp - Dublin


This choreographic creation is part of a migrants and asylum seekers inclusion project, active in a wider cultural integration process. The project was developed through Paris, Warsaw, Helsinki, Berlin, Antwerp.




Agora Coaching Project - choreographer



It is a Training Project for young dancers' high professional education.
An educational and artistic experience with international choreographers, in which develop new choreographic languages.




60 battiti – director & choreographer
Italy – Cardiff (UK)

Precarious job is not the main focus of the show; it spots a research and a deep analisys of human thoughts, the needs and the forcings we are constrained or disposed to submit to, just to reach a convenable place in the social checkerboard.




Italianopolis – director
Italy – Birr (Ireland)

The everyday reality of a country that turned art into a pure trade and artists into serial products with less rights than soles.




Cento Cose – director & choreographer
Italy – MontLaurier (Canada) – Edinburgo (UK) – Iasi (Romania) – Mar del Plata (Argentina) 

The mechanism of everyday life: the pace, work, alienation, ultimately living (your life) without realizing it. This is the horizon of Cento cose, the performance brought in a sparkling mixture of languages (theatre, dance, video) with a delicate humorous flavour.




Dopo la Tempesta – choreographer

Dopo la Tempesta is a dreamlike musical play, whose origin is a reflexion over human nature. Shakespeare’s play is reworked and shattered in suggestions and free thoughts about the life time in which a man feels the need to face once and for all with his fears. Using choreographic scores, turning thought into gestures, and original musics, melting classic and electronic canons, the human path to redemption is put on focus out of the original verses.




Othello Opera Rock – director

The highly original Compagnia della Quarta’s Othello offers a musical version of the classic Shakespearean play and in so doing it brings it to a contemporary setting which is also timeless.




Le Baccanti – director & choreographer

Le Baccanti is a show danced by actors, where the main charachter is the body. The framework is hidden inside the gestures, the choreographie and the deformations of the bodies; their task is to develop the story, breaking the conscient rationality existing between significance and performance






Other works:
Gli Equilibristi – Choreographer
TravesTitania - by Patrizia Proclivi (dancer)

Dreaming G (Biennale di Venezia) - (dancer)

Manon Lescaut – by Graham Vich (dancer)
Il Barbiere di Siviglia – by Luigi Squarzina (dancer)
L'incoronazione di Poppea – by Robert Carson (dancer)
La via delle fiabe - RAI RadioTelevisione Italiana - Writer and composer, Rome
Gli Spettri (Ibsen) - Reading for RAI Radio3 - Actor, Rome

"Choreography is not a creative act, it's a risk.
It always leads us in hard to explore places, the same we believed we deeply knew".